Race Details and Route

The Giants Head Grind start location is at Peach Orchard Park on the the shores of Okanagan Lake. Participants race 'beach-to-peak' finishing at the top of Giant's Head Mountain. They cover 5.6 kilometers and gain 500 meters in elevation. We have had a variety of weather over the four previous race years - 2014 was slightly overcast and mild, 2015 was hot, hot, hot, 2016 was just about right starting out with some worrisome rain in the morning followed by overcast skies and warm but not hot temperatures and 2017 saw beautiful sunny skies, definitely some heat on the climb and a slight change in location of the bbq as the park was experiencing flooding! There are 7 aid stations along the route to keep our "grinders" well-hydrated during the race no matter what the weather, some terrific treats at the top to provide nourishment buses to transport participants back down to the park.

In 2016 we introduced the addition of an optional bike race that continued in 2017 and is on track for 2018. Cyclists make the trek up Summerland's volcanic landmark in the morning with plenty of time to get back for afternoon Grind. The optional biking event commences at 9:00am, with the walk/run/grind event starting at 12:00pm... do either or doing both!

Runners and walkers will cover 5.6kms by following the marked race trail. Cyclists will be starting in the same location but will follow the concrete road up the mountain. The race from 'beach-to-peak' has a 500 meter elevation gain.

Aid stations are marked 1 through 7 on the map below.

Bike Course Details

The Bike Course will begin on Lakeshore Drive beside Peach Orchard Park at 9 am. The bike course will cover 6.2 kilometres and and gain 450 meters in elevation. There are individuals directing cyclists on the course but it's recommended that you are familiar with the route. The bike course is paved the entire way but there are some steep grades so mountain bikes are still a great option. Following the bike to the top participants will be required to bike down to the start location, staying to the right for safety.

Directions are as follows:

  • Cyclists will begin heading North and take a left up Peach Orchard Road.
  • At the top of Peach Orchard Road, cyclists will enter the roundabout and exit heading South on Rosedale Avenue (Third exit).
  • Heading South on Rosedale, cyclists will find another roundabout in 300 meters and will exit that roundabout heading east on Prairie Valley for 100 meters.
  • Then take the first right on Giants Head Road.
  • In another 300 meters, cyclists will take a sharp right up a steep road called Milne Road and at the top of Milne you will see the entrance to Giants Head on your left.
  • Take the left and ride to the top!

For more information e-mail: info@giantsheadgrind.ca